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Professional Gravesite Tending

We will cater to all Religious Faiths and Family Requests

Is the condition of your loved one's gravesite reflective of your love for them?

Always Remember cares ...

We offer many caring services for your loved ones.  The following prices are for standard 24" x 12" markers.

If you have requests not included in our listing, please let us know by calling us at (248) 477-4974 or simply email us.

Gold Package - $308 per site per season (May - October)

This service provides weekly maintenance.  On each visit we will clean the stone and lettering.  The stone will be trimmed free of debris and weeds.  The lawn will be weeded and watered.  This price includes a garden, flowers, or potted plant.  Discounts are given for multiple graves in the same cemetery.  As the season continues, we will be happy to prorate the cost of this package.

Additional sites are discounted for graves located in the same cemetery:

  •  1 site  $308
  •  2 sites $461
  •  3 sites $538
  •  4 sites $615
  •  5 sites $641

Silver Package - $80 per site per month

We will provide all the services listed in the Gold Package, however, you choose the month or months.

Bronze Package - $46 per site per visit

Additional sites are discounted for graves located in the same cemetery:

  •  1 site  $46
  •  2 sites $41 each
  •  3 or more sites $36 each

We will provide one very thorough cleaning at a time you specify.  This is very popular for Spring and Fall cleanups.

Special Occasion Decorating

Depending on cemetery regulations.

Online ordering is not yet available but please use our order form or contact us.

"Our business is not just about the physical appearance of a gravesite.  It is showing a continued spirit of caring for those who have passed."

Observer & Eccentric Newspaper, August 2003.


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